Monday, March 5, 2012

Cosplay Linkspam, 5 March 2012

My goodness, fellow cosplayers. I have been a busy shadowen. One day soon, there will be an actual content post, but, for now, here’s a handful of links to please your soul.

Let’s just be honest, here. One of the best things about the Captain America film was Chris Evans’s chest the costumes. Now, you can hop on your hog and pretend you’re Cpt. Rogers himself with this Captain America motorcycle suit from UD Replicas. I’m sure somebody out there could pull this off, even if the poor guy in the promo photo can’t.
Have I told y’all about the Cap costume my friend put together? Remind me to tell you about the Cap costume my friend put together.

In the realm of less-mainstream - but considerably more interesting - cosplay, here’s a young woman as Good God from Chandra Free’s The God Machine, which arymabeth and I will be plundering for costumes at this year’s Dragon*Con.
And because everyone loves Disney cosplay, have a look at these pretty mermaids.
Someday, before I die, I will make it to Gallifrey One, the world’s longest-running Doctor Who convention. Until then, I will survive on pictures and things like io9’s interview with a fellow acafan cosplayer about gender-bending in Doctor Who cosplay. The interview is great and the pics are wonderful. I’m especially loving the adorably Mod TARDIS dress with the scarf.
Speaking of gender and cosplay, here’s a short video from the ‘Sociology of Cosplay’ panel at Katsucon talking about harassment from non-cosplayers and how it sucks.
Finally, even though it’s now March, it’s not too late to get your Cosplay for a Cause 2012 calendar, the proceeds from which go tot he Japanese Red Cross to help victims of last year’s earthquakes. I would have linked to that sooner, but... I just found out about it this morning. Because I am lame.
I’ve got a small break between shows, now, so I’ll be doing some serious costuming in the next few days. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Stay strong, fellow cosplayers! And remember: There are only 178 more days until Dragon*Con.


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