Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ten-Minute Cosplay: The Twister Board

You may be shocked to discover that, in addition to my professional and creative life, I also have a social life. (I know, I know. Try not to faint.) So I went to a Halloween party on Saturday.

Anyone accustomed to con-calibre cosplay knows that costumes at your standard All Hallows shindig are likely to be... unimpressive, and I tend to be on the look-out for the odd fellow geek or any especially clever costumes. I was pleased to find both a chainsaw-hand Ash (a con staple) and a Tenth Doctor with bride!Donna in tow, as well as Nick Fury and Black Widow. Obviously, it made me a little reminiscent for Dragon*Con.

But! In this sea of mediocre, vaguely sexy, occassionally geeky costumes, one fantastic party pleaser stood out from all the rest: The Twister Board.

That’s right, fellow cosplayers, The Twister Board.

She had taken an actual, plastic Twister board and modified it into a dress. This, on it’s own, would be pretty cute and reasonably clever, but here’s the kicker:

She had attached the game dial to her wrist and invited people to spin and see where they could touch her. While this might sound like a boring attempt at risque, it was actually a lot of fun and came with exactly the kind of hilarity you would expect from playing Twister on a vertical person. Somewhere out there is a photo of me in my six-inch-heel thigh boots with my foot on her chest.

I’d estimate this costume took no more than an hour to put together and only cost the sticker price of a game of Twister. It has that touch of hipster-esque nostalgia and cleverness, it’s creative and unusual, and it’s guaranteed to make you the most interesting and popular person in a 10 foot radius.

Keep this one in mind when you’re scrambling to make those last-minute costumes.


PS: Greatest apologies for the grainy pictures. It was dark, and I was using my phone.

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