Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's Avengers Day, fellow cosplayers, and I'm taking a break from preparations to bring you some links. Do you know what happens when you neglect to post linkspams? What happens is the links pile up and you wind up with a mess of awesome stuff to sift through.

1. First, let’s start with a few galleries:

via io9 (who I am currently pissed at because there were Avengers spoilers in the news section): The Absolute Best Cosplay from WonderCon 2012 and A Treasure Trove of Cosplay from the Swinging 1970s, both of which are just as awesome as they sound, though the second link is NSFW.

via Flavorwire: Futuristic Film Fashions, great for reference photos and inspiration. Obviously, my beloved Rachel is included.

On Etsy: Adorable concept art of girls in “Fancy Dress”, which apparently means “dressed as space ships and such”. Is there anything more amazing than that Darth Vader dress? I ask you.

2. Second, how about some resources:

Fashionista has a run-down of “How to Achieve all the Beauty Look in The Hunger Games”, which is not as detailed as I’d like but gives some good tips.

If you’ve got some money to burn, Magnoli Clothiers is a custom suit-making company that caters specifically to cosplayers. I know someone who bought their Tenth Doctor suit and was quite pleased.

Speaking of the Tenth Doctor, this person did a truly rocking cosplay of the clockwork robots from “The Girl in the Fire Place” and shared the in-process photos.

If you’ve got serious skills and want to impress folks at that Avengers party tonight, give these Avengers-inspired make-up looks a try.

3. Third, we have the WTF Category

A lot of folks have probably seen the Joker cosplayer going through security, but I feel it’s worth revisiting.

And then there’s this, which goes beyond Weird Store-bought Costume into the realm of actual surrealism.

Darth Vader playing the bagpipes and riding a unicycle. No. Really.

4. And here are some pictures of awesome things:

Kick-ass Road to El Dorado cosplay, with an excellent comment by our lovely Sabine.

You’re never too old for cosplay.

The world’s best dad.

They work for S.H.I.E.L.D. You’ve probably never heard of it.

Winter is Coming, and this family is prepared.

"The Doctor is a dog now. Dogs are cool." 

5. And some just plain awesome:

You remember what I said about Steampunk? Well this dude’s doing it right. As is everyone else on that website.

And now you should go read this and cry because Batman is the best.

And now, fellow cosplayers, I'm gonna don my best eye-patch and prepare to rock out as chick!Fury. Anybody else dressing up for tonight?



  1. I didn't dress up but I brought my Loki figure! Working on a Loki costume right now. That helmet.... oh god.

    1. Oh god, that helmet. I'm finishing up mine now. There will DEFINITELY be a tutorial on that one. D:

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