Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cosply Linkspam, 8 February 2012

The internet’s been a little light on the cosplay linkage lately (say that 10 times fast). But never fear, fellow cosplayers. I’ve scrounged up a few gems for you, starting with four recent stories via io9:

Mainstream news stories about fan conventions tend to be pretty lolarious, anyway. Make it a Quantum Leap convention in 1993, featuring an adorably teenage Neil Patrick Harris and an inexplicably popular Jason Priestly, and you’ve got a recipe for retro geekery.

Even more retro (and more fabulous) are these vintage pics of Angie Bowie (The Sovereign’s first wife) as a glam-tastic Wonder Woman and Black Widow.

For the casual cosplayer (and anyone who was a kid in the ‘90s), there are these lovely custom Power Ranger hoodies, which I covet (because I was a kid in the ‘90s).

And then there’s this. Y’all know I never hesitate to rag on store-bought costumes, but I honestly cant do any better than the io9 commenter already has.

Finally, in the much dreaded category of Cosplay Gone Wrong, some LA buskers dressed as film characters got into a brawl outside the Kodak Theatre. It’s worth clicking through just for the top image of the abandoned Spongebob costume lying flattened in the street.

That’s all for now, fellow cosplayers. This weekend, I’m hosting a Pasty Making Party for the members of Bicycle Cabaret, so it’s entirely possible you’ll be getting a tutorial on making the perfect pasty.

I’m assuming, of course, that this is relevant to your interests.


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