Monday, November 7, 2011

Cosplay Linkspam, 7 November 2011

On the list of grocery store costumes that make us want to gouge our eyes, we have “Spider Girl” and Gir. Yes, that’s right. Gir, the robot disguised as a dog from Invader Zim. What is that I don’t even.

Not all children, however, are doomed to the plastic tragedy of mass produced “costumes”. Some get to be recycled as Supreme Daleks. Others solve the eternal Princes-or-Darth-Vader dilemma by being both. I believe there’s also a Princess Batmanperson somewhere on the internets.

For those of us who have grown up, but not left behind childish things, we can go to parties dressed as internet memes, like these folks.

If you like a little history with your dress-up, Jezebel gives us the cultural history of “slutty” Halloween costumes.

And, finally, 90 corgis in costumes. You’re welcome.


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