Monday, August 22, 2011

Cosplay Linkspam, 22 August 2011

This week’s linkspam is heavy on the weird and the sexy, with possibly a little more weight on the weird end.

First, we have two examples of Not Cosplay. First, some dude wearing a Ninja Turtle mask robbed a Wendy’s in Wisconsin. No word on whether he escaped via skateboard. Then, in Oklahoma City, Spiderman hit up a convenience store. Seriously, guys? Whatever happened to plastic US President masks? That's some classic criminal activity, right there.

Of course, the super hero weirdness reaches new heights in this now viral video a rather dumpy Spiderman terrorizing Warsaw with silly string. Y’all, I don’t even know, but I salute his dedication.

As a... we’ll say palate cleanser, check out this super cool TARDIS corset, made by Chandra Free (aka spookychan, who you should love and adore).

And, finally, some sexy Stormtroopers. Because why the hell not?

Just 10 days til Dragon*Con, fellow cosplayers, and my bags are already packed.

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