Monday, July 25, 2011

Cosplay News Items, 25 July 2011

With the frenzy that is San Diego ComicCon, cosplay has definitely been on the collective media mind, this week. Here are a few choice news items for your fannish enjoyment.

Yahoo Movies has a featurette on dedicated cosplayer Victoria Schmidt, who makes the kind of costumes most of us can only dream of. Every one of her pieces is absolutely stunning. Watch the video here.

Equally dedicated and innovative are these professional Venture Brothers cosplayers. If you’re wondering how to overcome the, uh, gravity problem posed by the Dr. Mrs. The Monarch costume, this cosplayer has a solution, and all three of them look amazing.Watch here at The Venture Bros. Blog.

As if to prove my point, io9 gives us a wide variety of Doctor Who cosplayers. It’s heavy on Eleven, obviously, but each of these fans brings their own take on the good Doctor, to spectacular effect. See the slideshow here.

And then, just for fun, Matt Smith and Karen Gillian strike a pose will all 11 Doctors. Here at the BBC website.

Finally, Jezebel has some great pictures from all over the con, including a few celebrities in their best geeky get-ups. Some of the commentary makes me think the writer kind of missed the point, but the pics are worth checking out. See the slideshow here.

Have you started planning your costumes for next year? I know I have.

Good sewing, fellow cosplayers!

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